Stem NFT
Roadmap teaser
In order to keep the element of surprise, we cannot disclose all the cards (pun intended). But we can drop some hints.

Phase 1. The interstellar arrival.

The launch of our legendary collection with phygital meteorite NFTs.
Announcement of technology + art partnerships.
Q4 2021

Phase 2. Space tech adoption.

The launch of second collection, built directly on space tech (of course, it is also phygital, always!).
Unique rewards for the NFT owners.
Beta version of the Stem Marketplace
Q2 2022

Phase 3. Transformation.

Brand new collection. Yes, you got it right, also phygital!
Beta access to our very own phygital marketplace. Start learning the word "NFTisation", you will need it in the future.
First grants for phygital creators.
Beta version of Stem Launchpad
Q3 2022

Phase 4. Endless evolution.

The achievement of this phase will indicate that we completed most of our initial plans. Since here, the DAO will play a major role in the project's development.
Q4 2022.
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