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What are we creating?
Stem NFT preserves all the classical features of the NFTs that determine their value:
    Rarity and scarcity.
    Design and artistic value.
    A story behind an item.
At this point, we introduce one major change. We are creating physical items behind each NFT collectible, turning them into physical NFTs. This allows filling a currently existing gap where most NFTs have no or limited intrinsic value or interest. Our physical NFTs offer several game-changing points:
    Intrinsic value. Each physical collectible will be made of unique and/or premium materials, adding an additional value to the NFT.
    Redeemable NFTs. If a user decides to own a physical item instead, the NFT will be burned via our platform and the physical item is then sent.
    Easy trading and exchanging. Digital NFTs can be easily traded on the secondary market without the need to redeem them. Transfer of the NFT to another person transfers the right to claim the corresponding physical item.
Each collection will be released only once per year. The collections will feature a specific topic, which will be revealed only at the launch date. The cards will feature a QR code, where owners will be able to confirm the authenticity, the level of the card, and other relevant information.
Card price
Total existing
One of a kind

Burning and claiming

Each NFT is 1:1 backed by a physical card. The owner of the NFT is eligible to claim this card at any moment without an expiration date. This will be done by burning NFT card via tool provided on our webpage. The exact process from digital NFT to physical item is:
    Collector purchases NFT directly from the company. The NFT can be stored in a personal wallet, transferred, or traded on a secondary market.
    Collector burns his NFT via a dedicated tool on the webpage, to allow the collection of shipping details and actual burning.
    Stem NFT will organise the shipping to the collectors location. Each card will be delivered in a unique packaging, maximising the experience and joy.
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