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What are we creating?

Phygital NFTs

Why phygital?

Stem NFT preserves all the classical features of the NFTs that determine their value:
  • Rarity + scarcity.
  • Design + artistic value.
  • A story behind an item.
At this point, we introduce one major change. We are creating physical items behind each NFT collectable, turning them into phygital NFTs. This allows filling a currently existing gap where most NFTs have no or limited intrinsic value or interest. Our physical NFTs offer several game-changing points:
  • Intrinsic value. Each physical collectable will be made of unique +/or premium materials, adding an additional value to the NFT.
  • Redeemable NFTs. If a user decides to own a physical item instead, the NFT will be burned via our platform + the physical item is then sent instead.
  • Easy trading + exchanging. Digital NFTs can be easily traded on the secondary market without the need to worry about physical items behind them. Transfer of the NFTs to another person transfers the right to claim the corresponding physical item.
Each collection will be released only once per year. The collections will feature a specific topic, which will be revealed only at the launch date. The cards will feature a QR code, where owners will be able to confirm the authenticity, the level of the card, + other relevant information.
360 Photo
A sneak-peak into phygital NFTs made of meteorite

Burning + claiming

Each NFT is 1:1 backed by a physical card. The owner of the NFT is eligible to claim the physical colletable at any moment without an expiration date. This will be done by burning NFT card via tool provided on our webpage. The exact process from digital NFT to physical item is:
  • Collector purchases NFT directly from the company. The NFT can be stored in a personal wallet, transferred, or traded on a secondary market.
  • Collector burns his NFT via a dedicated tool on the webpage, to allow the collection of shipping details + actual burning.
  • Stem NFT will organise the shipping to the collectors location. Each card will be delivered in a unique packaging, maximising the experience + joy.

XRPL NFT Marketplace

Marketplaces are vital elements in the NFT ecosystem development. Our goal is to provide XRPL community with just the right tools to fulfill all their NFT-related needs with a one-stop solution. Leveraging XRPL's lightning-fast transactions + negligible fees, we are creating the most sophisticated marketplace, Stem Market, to suit everyone's needs.
  • DAO. The marketplace will be predominantly community-run via the governance portal, where everyone with a sufficient token stake can create a suggestion + others can vote on them. The
  • Phygital NFT. The first marketplace with a specific focus to cover a new class of the NFTs - phygital NFTs. Specifically for this feature, we will introduce a certain set of measures to ensure both buyer's + seller's security when transacting such types of assets.
  • NFTisation. We will offer a set of tools allowing creators +/or collector to turn their physical items into phygital NFTs, hence bridging tangible with non-fungible.
  • Curated collections. A portion of the marketplace will be dedicated to top-quality + high-profile collections curated both by Stem NFT + the community via the DAO. While another part of the marketplace will be available for everyone, without restrictions.
  • Artist verification. Copyright infringement + plagiarism are serious issues in NFT space. We take this issue seriously + will place appropriate measures to verify both the artists + their works.
  • Integration with STEM token. The marketplace will reward the most active, creative, + loyal creators + collectors with STEM tokens. Projects invested in by Stem NFT will work directly with the team to find new innovative ways to incorporate the STEM token.
  • Royalties + fees. Stem NFT will charge only a 2% fee, while the creators will be able to set advanced royalty splits + income agreements for future resale revenue.

XRPL NFT Launchpad

We acknowledge that not every project has the resources + expertise to launch their own NFT project, even if they have the most brilliant idea. This is where the launchpad comes into play. Leveraging our expertise + resources, we aim to support + kickstart the most brilliant projects.
  • NFT launchpad. A dedicated platform created to help projects + creators launch their NFTs in the most stress-free way possible.
  • Grants program. A portion of the platform fees will be redirected into the grants pool, a special fund dedicated to supporting innovative + creative projects.
  • Direct investment. Projects invested in by Stem NFT will work closely with the team to find new innovative ways to launch + utilise their NFT + integrate STEM token.
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